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September 3, 2023

We are honored to share this in-depth and informative case study, conducted by TIME in partnership with the Northampton Music and Performing Arts Trust and inclusive music leader Rebecca Price

“Since using the Strum, Matei has made clear progress. It has given me the opportunity to talk to him
about chords, and I believe his understanding of these has started to develop. It has given him control
over sounds in a different way to other instruments, to start to understand and use chords. Matei has
been able to show me that he knows when to change chord within a song. It has also opened up the
opportunity for him to play a more complex instrument within the Inclusive Ensemble, and to work with
other practitioners to help him do so. It also has the potential for Matei to use in a performance, and this
is something he very much enjoys doing. One last, but very important fact: Matei has enjoyed the
sessions of music-making using the Strum, he has put in a lot of energy and focus when using it, and
over the course of the sessions he has progressed in his ability to control the sound he makes using the
Strum.” – Rebecca Price – music facilitator, educator and tutor

Read Matie’s Case Study


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