Playing music has never been this fun, easy and uplifting.
Created and lovingly crafted so that anyone can enjoy playing the guitar,
the Arcana Strum is designed to be extremely simple to learn and easy to play for anyone!


Meet the Arcana Strum

Your New Musical Instrument

Music is created by many musical instruments, but unfortunately, not everyone can play and enjoy them.
The Arcana Strum is designed to change that. We created an instrument that is accessible, easy to learn and fun to play.
It’s the perfect solution, providing a full musical experience, with chords, tunes, riffs and scales, so that anyone
can enjoy the uplifting rapture of playing music.


One Instrument

So Many Ways to Play!

The Arcana Strum was designed with you in mind, created to be adaptive and accessible for practically anyone,
including those with various types of physical and cognitive abilities. In addition to its embedded features,
the Arcana Strum also has a set of accessories that can customize and personalize the playing experience further,
making it perfect for people between the ages of 3 – 99.

Get Acquainted with Arcana

Feels and sounds just like a guitar!

Ergonomic and inclusive

Beyond our expectations!

Incredibly rewarding and fun!


Designed with You in Mind (We Thought About YOU!)

Straightforward, easy and accessible

We have been designing and perfecting the Arcana Strum for the last 5 years, and are excited to finally present it to you!
The Arcana Strum is very straightforward, easy and fully accessible. Everyone can learn to play the instrument,
regardless of their age, cognitive and physical abilities. We’ve thought of every detail.
Just start playing – and feel the difference.



A range of supporting devices

The Arcana Strum can be played in many different ways. During the development stage of the instrument,
we carefully studied and considered your needs in order to optimize your playing experience.
For instance, several ideas came from observing how people operate motorized wheelchairs, and we incorporated some of these ideas in the accessories we developed. By doing so, we provide solutions for a wide range of needs and abilities, both physical and cognitive.

3 Keys

An alternative keyboard for a more simplified learning experience



An expansion box that enables the Arcana Strum to be controlled by standard minijack switches



A variety of playing handles available for different physical needs




“For so many young people in the UK and internationally, our system of music examinations is part and
parcel of learning and playing a musical instrument. It is a system which provides clear progression
routes and structures for learning…”

Simon Steptoe, Musical Inclusion Programme and Partnership Manager

“…There was great excitement when we found out that even those with the most serious motor disabilities were able to create music.  Their faces reflected their great pleasure.

Milcha Rosen

Director of “Assif”, Hassaf Harofe Hospital

We saw a wonderful opportunity in this unique product for those who want to use standard instruments but are unable to do so to create music due to motor or cognitive disabilities

Noa Nitsan

Occupational therapist, professional director of the Technological Center in Beit Issie Shapiro and coordinator of occupational therapy in the Beit Issie Shapiro School of Special Education

“I can anticipate the benefit that this equipment will have with a variety of other children – similarly with
physical disabilities or a variety of different diagnoses – a larger group project with this equipment would
be very much welcomed.”

Emily Statham, class teacher at Greenfields School, Northampton,UK

“…The ARCANA musical program is a new musical environment that enables our students to try and play musical instruments adapted to their disability, with an emphasis upon independence, responsibility, their abilities and success.

Shenhav Berman

Principle, “On” Public School