Music breaks boundaries

Revolutionary digital music instrument

Designed to bring a joyful and quick playing experience for everyone.
You can be as young or old as you are, you can have experience or zero background in music.
You may face mental or physical difficulty – This should not stop you.
You can have a dream to play yourself or support others who want to bring music into their lives –
Arcana is the right instrument for you

Making music is easy and rewarding with Arcana's innovative instrument

Be the musician you always wanted to become. Enrich your life by learning, playing and creating music

Feels and sounds like a guitar

Arcana is based on a guitar’s technique with tunes, chords, riffs and scales.

Easy to teach. Easy to learn

Smooth learning or teaching experience. Arcana allows to break boundaries, overcome difficulties and avoid frustration.

Ergonomic and inclusive

Accessible for people in age 3-99 years old. Accommodating a wide range of physical and cognitive abilities and skills.

Incredibly rewarding and fun

Music instruments are usually complex. With Arcana you start playing tunes and chords right away. Satisfying experience guaranteed.

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Features that take you onwards

Music is a language. Simple and global. In order to assure it is accessible for everyone, we developed a number of supporting features for a wide range of needs

The instrument is based on 3 sections:

6 Positions as guitar’s strings

Adjustable strumming tension

Replaceable handles, variety of shapes and sizes

Music methods for different levels and skills

Adjustable keypad

Replaceable keys sizes and shapes

Variety of strum sticks fitting many abilities

In order to meet different audience's needs, our team developed a set of supporting accessories. These additional devices contribute to a simple playing experience for each and every user no matter what difficulties they face. The instrument's development process together with the evolution of the strum sticks below, were based on a close dynamic discussion with our partnering users, teachers and physiotherapists. Thanks to this progress, Arcana is a game changer in facilitating special education and music therapy programs.


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Feels and sounds like a guitar

Easy to teach easy to learn

Ergonomic and inclusive

Incredibly rewarding and fun

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