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Music is Here, Waiting for You

August 13, 2020

  • Early musicians in action
  • Motor disabilities

Imagine the opportunity to follow and play a song in a guitar right from the very first music lesson. This is exactly the experience Arcana provides, from the first playing moments. Everyone can enjoy this instrument. Everyone.

People, at any age and in every region and country, enjoy different hobbies. Music is a major one among them.

Just like nutrition, health and education, hobbies are a crucial aspect of our well-being. Music is essential part of it.

Everyone has the right to enjoy music. Not just to listen, but to compose and play it.

No physical disability that influence mobility or functioning, should be a reason to avoid playing music.  

Our instrument was developed specifically in order to meet diverse physical conditions. It may be utilized by different body organs –arms, head, mouth or foot.

The instrument has a range of supporting accessories, allowing every person to find their own suitable form of playing.

If you’re passionate of playing – give it a try. You’ll find out that you can simply start playing. Music is here, waiting for you.


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